Efficacy: return elasticity (to enhance skin elasticity, start the skin energy)

The following are the same as the"


1 After cleaning the face, make the toner on the surface
2 Remove the mask, close to the face and smooth, apply 10-20 minutes.
3 to remove the mask, gently beat and massage the face, to help the remaining essence of liquid absorption.
4 recommended 2-3 times per week, the effect is better

The following are the same as the "
1 Sodium DNA (PDRN): Marine collagen protein support the skin while recovering the skin firmness.
2 Centella Asiatica: Reduce the pores, care allergy and promote the synthesis of collagen, stimulate skin cell replacement, to help skin regeneration.
3 Hyaluronic acid: can increase and maintain the skin soft, increase flexibility, while in the promotion of skin moisture absorption
4 Glycerin: skin care moisturizing replenishment
5 Dermatologist certification, 5 no addition (no benzoate, mineral oil, dumbulose, phenoxyethanol, talc).


One box (25 ml X10)

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