Efficacy: moisturizing (lock the skin moisture, keep moist, increase the skin full, transparent, glossy and gloss)

The following are the same as the "
1 used in the skin cream stage. (After cleansing and toning)
2 sooner or later use, each two. Take two capsules (about 0.5g in one use) and melt with the temperature of the palm.
3 with two spoon out, evenly applied to the face, gently pat massage to help absorb cream cream
The following are the same as the "
1 marine water gel: from the fermentation of seaweed extract rich marine minerals, so that the skin soft and moist.
2 different molecules of hyaluronic acid: can increase and maintain skin moisturizing and elasticity factor, health care skin. (Can increase and maintain the skin soft, increase flexibility, while in the promotion of skin moisture absorption)
3 Australian nut oil: moisturizing, suitable for lack of skin
4 sunflower oil: moisturizing skin, including vitamin A, B, D
5 Glycerin: skin care moisturizing replenishment
6 Shea Butter: promote epidermal cell regeneration, giving skin nutrition
7 Squalane: to fill the skin stratum corneum keratinocyte gap, in the skin to build a natural barrier at the same time enhance the wetting capacity
8 dermatologist certification, 5 no addition (no benzoate, mineral oil, dumbulose, phenoxyethanol, talc).
9 Celtosome: Each 1g of 100 million plant stem cells with strong energy to freeze dry and made of pure concentrated powder, high stability


Net content: 45 grams
Country of Origin: Korea


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DR. GLODERM TABRX Moisture Cream

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